MeMe Information Technology
An Introduction

Who we are

We are a product development and consulting company. We partner with startups and businesses of all sizes to build, improve and scale products across web and mobility

What we do

We provide Web Design and Development Solutions using Powerful Technologies like Angular JS and Progressive Web App to make your business grow

Terms of Engagement

Our commercial terms of engagement are based on outcome
based pricing

Development Methodology

Agile - We practice iterative development approach, where customer does not need to wait for the final product but can be part of complete development providing feedback as the development progresses.

Why MeMe?

Experience of enterprise blended with passion and energy of its engineers.

Designing products with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions.

Niche and latest technologies like Interactive web applications, Single page applications, Angular JS, Elastic Search and Progressive web app

Outcome for every Rupee or a $ spent is high compared to competition.

Outcome based pricing, you pay for what you get.

Our Team has worked with

Skills & Capabilities

Deep implementation and
operations expertise across SDLC


Expertise in executing software blueprints with the help of our
industry-leading consultants in architecture design, product ideation
and DevOps which will help you gain the strategic advantage.


BYOT is designed based on the McKinsey 7S Model. The model provides for the development of the ideal workforce.


Got a turnkey project and looking for a partner!
MeMe can help you accomplish your project and business objective.

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  • shared value
  • Successful Project Delivery

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